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Why Canada ?

Canada is a top international education destination for its world-class universities and colleges, post-study work and migration options on offer. The state controls the education sector, thus ensuring that the standard of the educational institutions is top notch. Canada is a popular destination to study abroad for higher study for Indian students and other country students.

Canada’s high academic standards and rigorous quality controls mean that you’ll be receiving a high-quality education. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is globally recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the United States or other Commonwealth countries.

Education in Canada is built on the British model. And this means – high quality of teaching, close interaction between teachers and students, special attention to research work. At the same time, studying in Canada costs on average cheaper than in the UK or the US.
Canada is one of the leaders in engineering, humanities, natural sciences and high technologies courses. Development of public and international relations, culture, art and education are high priorities of the country. That’s why it’s such a popular study abroad destination among Indian and other international students.

People from diverse parts of the world have settled in Canada, which reflects the multicultural campus culture. There is a strong base of Indian community too.

French is used on a par with English. And students can learn one of these languages at the same time.

The main achievement of Canadian education is its orientation to practice. A lot of programs and courses provide paid internships during the study period.

The main thing here is not money but the fact that the student is gaining practical experience (necessary both for the student and for the resume) and the fact that many employers hire students for permanent positions after the internships.

Tuition Fee (In CAD per year)
C$12,000 to C$40,000
Based on the Course Selection

Some Canadian institutions offer scholarships to students with exceptional academics. The amount and type of scholarship depend on the institution.

International students are allowed to work 20 hours a week, both on and off campus, when the semester is on, and full-time during vacations.

If you’re married, your spouse will be allowed to work full time while you study.
You’ll be able to gain practical work experience through internships and the Co-Op work program.

Usually of 2 years duration following a 4 year bachelors degree (or a 3 year bachelors degree & a 1 year Canadian post graduate diploma). Master degrees provide opportunities for further learning and research and broaden career possibilities.

In Canada, a student visa is often referred to as “Study Permit”.
There are three categories where a student can File their visa application which are S.P.P., General, University.

The current visa fee is C$150 and may change from time to time

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