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Why New Zealand ?

New Zealand may only be known as “Australia’s younger sibling”, with their almost identical flags and adorable accents. But it still is a place you should seriously consider for your international degree.

New Zealand isn’t famous only for its Lord of the Rings-landscapes. It also gave us great people  like Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man who reached the peak of Mount Everest; Sir Ernest Rutherford, the first scientist who split the atom; and, last but not least, pop-singer Lorde.

Yes, there are other people between great scientists and pop singers. But before we get there, we should cover all you need to know about New Zealand’s universities and student lifestyle.

Who wouldn’t wish to study in the origin place of elves, dwarves, and hobbits?

Besides this awesome location, you can always count on their educational system: despite having only 8 universities, one of them is ranked in top 100 by QS World University Rankings.

Also, being the less-deadly version of Australia, New Zealand offers students a great nightlife, combined with great landscapes and polite people – all without the danger of being bitten by spiders bigger than your fist.

Studying in New Zealand is affordable compared to a lot of other developed countries. Credit for that goes to the competitive tuition fees and a low cost of living.

A bachelor degree can be completed in three years, and a school year lasts two to three semesters. New Zealand’s government directly controls and finances the country’s 20 polytechnics and eight universities.

However, while keeping their core profiles intact, all universities offer an extensive list of courses and training programs.

Tuition Fee (In NZD per year)
25,000 to 45,000
Based on the Course Selection

New Zealand offers a limited number of scholarships, with the amount depending upon the institution. Generally, for undergraduate programs, the average scholarship can be NZD2000 to 2500. For masters and doctorate degrees, scholarships can range from NZD6000 to 13,000 annually.

While on a student visa, you’re allowed to work for 20 hours per week and full time (that being 40 hours) during vacations. Your institution might also be able to provide assistance in finding work since a majority of them offer an employment service called Student Job Search.

A master’s degree helps you to expand your knowledge in a particular area of work. They are usually research based, and result in you obtaining a Master of Arts or a Master of Science degree. They are meant to either give you the capacity to go on past your Master’s to receive a doctorate, or you can stop there and get a job in a research field or another field related to the subject that you did your coursework in. It takes approximately 2 years to complete your coursework for you to earn a Master’s level degree.

The visa office will conduct a detailed check on the documents submitted, students may also be required to attend a telephonic interview or in very rare cases students may be asked to attend an interview in person at New Zealand High Commission, New Delhi.

Processing time for visa is about 8 to 12 weeks.

For any kind of queries you have , you can contact us and our representative would be happy to clear all your queries.

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